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Turning good first impressions into good lasting impressions

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Meet Hunter

Owner & Creator

Hello ! My name is Hunter Markle -- owner and creator of First Impressions Personal Brand Design & Consulting 🌿 

When employers are reviewing applicants, they are looking for people who align with their company culture. Two important thoughts come to my mind 1. Do my behaviours, habits, and actions reflect this culture ? 2. Do we as applicants really research the employers we are seeking out to see if they align with our personal brand?

First Impressions Personal Brand Design & Consulting offers customized resumes and cover letters, personalized interview preparation, and can help you define, create, and strengthen your personal brand. Through developing your "Why" you will become mindful in choosing employers whose culture aligns with what matters to you.


What I Specialize In

Custom Resumes

Crated Cover Letters

Web Portfolio Design

Personalized Interview Preperation

Personal Brand Design Consulting

"Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression" 

--Sonya Parker

First Impressions Website Header.jpg

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